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Document overview:
How to use abusive language (Basic bad words, showing ping and IPs)
Adding "my stats" and "map stats" messages
Adding Admin Access
Using Add-ins, Add-in events and abusive language
Adding Request map: and set time:
Adding Skip map: and repeat map:
Changing the game timer and start delay
Saving player scores and uploading them
How to install babstats
Sending Score Messages to players
How to use auto host.
How to upload files & maps
One or more Lan Messenger.exe don't start (after updating) How to fix?

How to enable abusive language:


-Adding a bad word:

Go to the abusive language tab and click the ‘Add’ button to add a new bad word.

Now click the ‘new’ button  to add a new message. This message will be send to the player when he types the bad word.

-Enter a message for example ‘No abusive language $Name$’ where $Name$ will be replaced by the name of the player. For more variable you can use click the ‘>’ button.

-Select an action from the dropdown list.

  Punt/ban = will punt/ban the player when he said more bad words than the ‘number warnings’ textbox.
  only public message / team message / command can be used with commands like netdelay or words like bye or cya.


Click the ‘OK’ button twice. For adding more bad words you click the ‘add’ button again. You don’t need to click the ‘new’ button again (but you can if you want to change the message) you can select the previous message from the listbox.


 Special Abusive Language Options:

-> Showing ping or network delay: type $pingup$ and $pingdown$ to show the ping or network delay. Normaly the higher these numbers are the more lagg this player has (0 means connection interrupted!).
-> $IP$ can be used to show the player IP address.

 -Adding ‘My stats’ messages:


Click the ‘Add’ button to add a new bad word and type ‘my stats’:

Click the ‘new’ button to add a new message:

Enter ‘nr:$Rnk#$ kills:$Kills$ deaths:$Deaths$’ as message where $Rnk#$ will be replaced by the rank number of the player, $kills$ by kills,… click ‘>’ button for more. And select ‘Show stats’ as action. Click ‘OK’ 2 times now.

For adding ‘my ratio’ messages add a new bad word: ‘my ratio’.

Click the ‘new’ button to add a new message and type the right message (see screen shot).

Select ‘Show stats’ as action and click OK 2 times.


When you go to the game and type ‘my stats’ you should get this:



Only for advanced users:

If you are using more than 1 database you can show stats for other databases by typing "@databasename;" (without the ") as the first word in your message. For example if your second database is called "monthlystats" you type: "@monthlystats; kills=$kills$ deaths=$deaths$" (without the ") as message. The @monthlystats; will automatically be removed from the message and will tell Lan Messenger to load stats from that database and not the default (first in the list) one.

Showing map stats:

If you want to show the stats of the current map played and not the total stats replace all the $-characters with %. All the other steps will stay the same except for bad word you enter "map stats".
For example:
Bad word= map stats
Message = Currnet map kills=%kills%
Message type= Show stats

 -Adding Admin access and ‘/cmd’:

 First copy the player name you want to allow access and add it to the admin list (click the 'add' button located at the players tab):

Check the right checkboxes and check “Check IP” if you want to prevent other players using this name to join the game. IP ranges can be entered using “*” for any number.

For example: 192.168.0.* stands for any IP from –
For example: stands for any IP from –
For example: 192.168.0.[1-5] stands for any IP from –
For example:; only allows IP: and

(you can use all these wildcards together if needed).


  • entering the wrong IP will cause the player to get punted/banned! If you don’t know the IP then DON’T check “Check IP”!
  • Lan Messenger V2.5.5 or newer: There is a checkbox: "player must login" if you check this the player always needs to login to Lan Messenger before he will be able to execute any command, this is a safer way if you don't know which IP address to use however the player always needs to login before going to the game.


 Now click OK and go to abusive language.

Add a word: “/cmd” and click ‘new’ to add a new message.


As message you type ‘$1…$’ and message type should be “admin command only”


Now click OK 2 times.

 Start abusive language and go to the game.

Type for example “/cmd punt 6” in the public chat box and player with ID=6 will be punted. This is useful for banning cheaters,… as you can allow more players to be admin without using any remote program,…


 -Using ‘add-in Event’ messages:

 Add-in event messages are used to call an add-in function when a player types a word. Most popular add-in that uses this is the Map Requester add-in. When a player types ‘Request map: next?’ Lan Messenger will automatically activate the function in the add-in. The add-in then sends the next map name to the public chatbox.

 Message format: Addinname.classname:function


 In game example:


Some add-ins and how to use them:

Map Requester:

This add-in will allow you to change the map to any map listed in the auto host listbox. Don't forget that you need to setup auto host first! Click here to follow the steps to setup auto host.
First download and install the add-in: Click here, select "open". Make sure you closed all Lan Messenger windows.
You will see a screen like this:

Now double click "MapRequester.laddin" file, this will open an new Lan Messenger and install the add-in properly. If this doesn't work open the readme.txt file and read how to install it manually.

After installation you start Lan Messenger, click the "Addins" menu and check if there is a "V" next to Map Requester.

Now go to abusive Language, click "add" nex to the bad word list:

Type "request map:" as bad word and click "new" to add a new message:

Type maprequester.clsmain:maprequested as message and select "add-in event (admin players only)" as action.
Click "OK" twice.
Now admin players will be able to select a map by typing one of the following commands:
request map: name.bms will change the auto host map index to name.bms (this map will be loaded next game)
request map: next?shows you the next map name.
request map: this? shows you this map name.
request map: random selects a map at random.

 The map requester also allows you to change the game timer. To enable this you need to add a bad word:
Bad word: set time:
As message you type: maprequester.clsmain:maptime
As message action: add-in event (admin players only)
Admin players now can change the time in the map by typing: "set time: 05:00". It's important not to forget the zeros. For example: "set time: 5:0" may not work!

Skip Map and Repeat map:

This add-in will allow players to vote for skipping a map or vote to repeat a map.

First close all Lan Messenger programs, Download the add-in (click here) and select "open". Next you will see a screen like this:

Double click the "skip_map.laddin" file to automatically start the installation. Open readme.txt in case this fails, install the add-in manually.
Once the add-in is installed open Lan Messenger and click the "addins" menu and check if there is a "V" next to "skip map".

Now go to abusive language and enter a bad word "skip map:":

As message you type:

Message= skip_map.clsmain:SkipMap
Action = add-in event (public)
Click "ok" twice.

Now all players can vote to skip the map. Normaly at least 50% of the players need to vote yes before the map will stop playing and the next map will be loaded.
Voting can be done like this: "skip map: yes" this will add one vote "yes". After voting yes you can undo this by voting: "skip map: no".

To enable repeat map you do the same but you enter:
bad word= repeat map:
message= skip_map.clsmain:repeatthemap
action = add-in event (public)

Voting can be done the same way as for skipping the map: "repeat map: yes" adds a vote for yes, at least 56% is needed to repeat the map.

Changing the game timer and start delay:

This will enable you to set a start delay below 1 min. It will also enable you to change the game timer start value for each map.
In other words you can set different game times for each map.

First close all Lan Messenger windows, click here to download the add-in and select "open". You will see the follwing screen:

Double click the "Startdelay.laddin" file to install the add-in. If this fails, open readme.txt and install the add-in manually.

Changing the start delay timer:

By default you don't need to do anything, the start delay will automatically be changed to 24 seconds in DFR!
To change the value you need to create a text file: time.txt inside your lan messenger installation folder (game folder)(or where this add-in "startdelay.dll" was installed).
This text file must be created with Notepad. Inside the file you type:
For DFR this would be:
5923664 30
Where 30 indicates the start delay in seconds.
5923664 is the location of the start delay timer (in the game memory). For DFLW, TFD, DF2 this value will be different! You must search for this value yourself!
Save the text file and it will be OK.
For Dflw full version (V1.00.42) type 6612592 30 also see: http://www.dfzone.be/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=162&highlight=

Changing the game timer for each map.

This requires auto host to be running!
Now you need to create a new folder inside your Lan Messenger installation folder (or where this add-in "startdelay.dll" was installed). This new folder must be called "times"
Inside this folder you simply create a text file for each map that has the same name as the map. Inside the textfile you type the initial value of the game timer in seconds.
For example:

map name in auto host: blood war 2.bms
text file inside times folder: blood war 2.txt
text inside the bload war 2.txt file:
This will change the game timer to 4 min. (2x60sec=240sec) when the map blood war 2 is played.
You don't need to create a file for all maps if there isn't a file for a map then the normal game timer value will be used.
This Part of the add-in works with all games.


How to Use Auto Save Scores:


First create a new database:


 A new database called ‘database1’ should be in the list. Now select it and click ‘Edit database’. Make sure ‘Enabled’ is set to ‘YES’.

People who don’t want to upload scores to their website are done now. Click the ‘Save’ button to close the screen and click ‘Enable’ button to enable auto save scores, close this document.

 FOR BAB STATS USERS ONLY (uploading to website):

Got to the Bab stats tab if you want to use bab stats for scores uploading to your website (bab stats can be downloaded from http://www.babstats.com or the newest version that supports all weapons like OICW nades,... click here).

Fill in the server ID code (you need to set this in bab stats by going to the admin on your bab stats installation and clicking ‘servers’ link).
Select game name from the drop down list, DFR users need to select DF:LW V1.00.42.
Don’t forget to check the ‘Use bab stats’ checkbox and the ‘upload text files’ checkbox.
Also enter the ‘upload to’ url.
This url/link should be the location of the 'httpupload.php' file on your website (don't forget subdirectory if you upload bab stats into a subfolder like: http://www.mysite.com/babstats/httpupload.php).
Also check 'output log' if you are using bab stats version 5.x.


-Make backup: creates a backup of each text file at the end of the game.
-Upload text files: uploads the text files using httpupload.php at the end of the game.
-Output log: enable this for V5 or newer it will upload all "death messages".
-Upload Ips: uploads the player ips but you can't really do anything with it unless you program something yourself into the babstats. Also requires the newest bab stats that is only available here and works with Lan Messenger only.
-Sync stats: if you notice your database stats are not the same anymore as your bab stats you can check this. Players that have less kills, deaths, ... in the bab stats will automatically be adjusted to the correct values. Also requires the newest babstats.
-Upload weapons: uploads more weapon stats but is only possible with the newest bab stats available here

-Cancel uload on database error: In case of a database error the uploading will be canceled this is to make sure both stats don't go out of sync.
-Upload timeout: max number of seconds to wait before uploading to the site fails, during upload Lan Messenger will be "not responding" do not close it during upload!

Upload now:

This allows you to upload a previous/custom text file with bab stats scores format.

Rename script:

This allows you to automatically rename players in bab stats if you rename players in Lan Messenger using the remote client. Download the rename script here use it with the newest babstats for Lan Messenger. Read the readme.txt for information about installation.

Information about installing babstats: http://www.dfzone.be/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=138

 FOR NON BAB STATS USERS ONLY (uploading to website):

 If you don’t want to use bab stats you can use the internal HTML compiler click the ‘FTP’ tab for this. Check ‘Use HTML template’ and select the right source file from your computer. See the ‘readme.txt’ or help file from your template to know what file you need to select.


 Now don’t forget to enter the FTP server options,…:


Check “Upload to FTP server” and enter your account information (you can find server, username and password where you hosted your website note: it needs to support FTP uploading!!). Don’t forget to enter the “remote page” this is where the scores template file should be uploaded to. It always starts with a ‘\’ (root directory) and in most cases the short filename of the template file follows. See the ‘readme.txt’ for more details to make sure you entered it correctly.

 That’s it click ‘Save’ and ‘Enable’ to start tracking scores.


-Score messages:

 This will automatically send a message to the player when he reaches an amount of score. An example screen shot:

To add this go to the ‘messages’ tab and check ‘Enabled’. Then click ‘add message’ and type a message like the example (you can change some words,…).

 Enter a score number (100) this means Lan Messenger will show the message when the player gets 100 kills (note that it might take a few seconds to refresh this). Click ‘OK’ to add the message. You can do this over and over up to a few 100 messages just always change the score number (and of course the “100 kills” into 500 kills,…)

Click ‘Save’ and try it


How to use Auto Host:


There are 2 possibilities for this: internal auto host & external program (map launcher,...). The reason for this is to let people create their own auto host program for other game versions,... Both methods will be discussed here.

1) Using the internal auto host:

This is the best and easiest way to configure & use auto host. To use this go to the host manager and click the 'auto host' tab. Check 'use internal auto host' and click the configure button.

A new screen appears:

Select your game folder by clicking "..." button (this is the folder where you installed the game by default this is C:\program files\novalogic\delta force land warrior demo).

  • For dflw demo users leave the rename to D08M03.BMS this is the name of the capture the flag mission (called desert prison).
  • Full version users can use any name i prefer changing it to 0A.BMS or something (this makes the map show at the top of the map list).

Now go to the map list tab:

Click the 'add maps' button and select some maps on your computer. You can drag/drop maps in the list too!
Now click the 'save list' button this will create a .lst file so that the list can be loaded automatically when you start the program. Just click the button and enter a file name (like map list ,...).
Now check "auto load map list at startup".

For dflw demo users click the 'save' button, start the game & host, enable auto host and it's done. Wait in the game for the map to end and wait for it to load don't go back to windows!.

Dflw Full version users go back to the 'settings' tab and click the 'copy test map' button. This will copy a map into your game folder. When you start the game you click the right gametype and you select the map with the same name as the 'rename' textbox. Also go to host options and make sure you choose 'replay=selected mission'. Enable auto host and start hosting. Wait for the map to end and see if it works.
You may ask what's the big idea of doing all this stuff if the game has a map list too? Well it's simple: this method allows you to edit the map list remotly without restarting the server (adding and removing maps). It also allows you to upload maps from a remote client and request maps in the game (see the map requester add-in).

2) Using external auto host:

For dflw full version there is an auto host program called ‘auto host.exe’ included in the setup/zip file. Dflw demo users need to use Map Launcher, for df2 there is not auto host program (yet). It will start automatically when you enable anything in Lan Messenger. You just click the ‘Start’ button and the ‘Connect’ button to connect to Lan Messenger. All maps will now be in the auto host list and you will be able to change the map from over the internet (or with the map requester add-in). This program will not enable you to change the map list since it uses the internal list from the game. This program can be used for stock servers!


 Now go back to Lan Messenger and click the ‘refresh info’ button.


Dflw demo users will have to use Map Launcher auto host. More information about connecting them can be found at the old forum: click here.

How to upload maps & files:

To upload files from remote client you need to use the internal auto host and go to configuration. Then click the 'upload' tab:

Click the "add dir" button to add a directory to the list. All directories in the list (and their subdirectories) will have full access from the remote program. Don't forget to add the nickname from the user that wants to upload to the admin list and check 'upload maps and files' the user must login with the correct nickname and correct admin password!

To upload a map or file from the client go to the auto host tab and click "upload map" button this screen appears:

Select a remote directory from the drop down box at the top of the screen. Click refresh files to load the remote file list.
Click the 'upload map' button to upload a map or file(s). Select them and click 'OK' You can drag/drop files over the list too.

To add a map to the auto host map list you need to select it and click 'add to list'.

How to fix startup problems

Sometimes it is possible a newer version of Lan Messenger doesn't start. This may happen when you have multiple Lan Messenger.exe files on your computer.
To fix this:
-make sure all lan messenger.exe files have the same version (use copy/paste if needed or reinstall to all folders). You cannot use different versions at the same time.
-Then you open a command screen: go to Start->Run->Type:  Cmd  and click OK. (In Vista make sure you are administrator!)
-Search for the location of one of your lan messenger.exe files (for example: C:\Delta Force\Lan messenger.exe). In the black command screen you type:
"C:\Delta Force\Lan messenger.exe" /regserver

-Press ENTER key.
-You should be able to run all lan messengers now.

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