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Lan Messenger Features

Why should I use Lan Messenger?

Lan Messenger is the best program for your dflw server. It can send the game messages over LAN and internet this way you can easy ban cheaters, change the map, 'netdelay', ... when you are not playing in the server! You can easy select 'admin players' this players can ban cheaters, restart game, change map,... using easy in game commands like '/CMD resetgames'. Lan Messenger can save the player scores and show them to people while they are playing in your server (by typing 'my states'). You can show the scores at your site too using easy coded html and javascript no difficult php scripting needed! Use the free and user friendly wizards to configure all this stuff!

What can I do in version 3.1.5?

  • Host a LAN and internet session.
  • Join a LAN and internet session.
  • Detect abusive language.
  • Auto punt/ ban "no name" / "unknown" players.
  • Host editor over internet / lan.
  • View: Kills, Deaths, Knifes, Headshots, Multikills, Flags, Saves, Score, Shots, Medic Saves, Zone Time, Bad Words . over lan / intenet.
  • Connects to Auto Host applications for changing map from in game or client.
  • View death / chat  messages over internet or LAN.
  • Auto save scores:
    -Saves: Kills, deaths, suicides, murders, head shots, # shots fired, flags, saves, score, Medic Saves, Zone Time, kills per death, shots per kill, date & time, IP, badwords and rank number.
    -Possible to save scores in multiple databases (like monthly & total stats).
    -Uses MS Access 2000 databases!
    -Support for bab stats V4 & V5. + support for uploading all weapon stats!
    -Support for HTML uploading.
    -Auto send messages when players reach an ammount of kills,...
    -Possible to rank players number of: kills, deaths, suicides, murders, head shots, # shots fired, flags, saves, score, medic saves, zone time, kills per death, shots per kill.
    -Saves score when player leaves and game ends.
    -Auto reset or clean database possible.
    -Support for uploading IPs,... tot bab stats.
  • Upload server status to your site!
  • Abusive language shows stats!
  • Abusive language & "hosting" supports admin players! This enables your players to send commands like resetgames, punt, ban, netdelay by typing it in the chatbox (only for admin players).
  • New messages popup on client like msn.
  • Window flashes on new message like msn.
  • Possible to set client state to 'busy' or 'on line'.
  • Server rules & messages to users.
  • Save all server connection info (ips, servername,...) in a list for easy joining other servers.
  • Add-In support: Create your own DLL's and add custom functions to LAN Messenger.
  • Easy remove old player names.
  • Easy change a player name.
  • Easy punt / ban / unban players.
  • Show current game stats.
  • Change max players during game play.
  • Advanced Admin player levels (allow different commands for each player)
  • Local chat: Chat with Lan Messenger users without using the game chat box
  • open *.adr files with Lan Messenger.
  • Use lanmessenger:// protocol to easy connect to your server from your site.
  • Auto ban fake admin players.
  • Use lan messenger from command line.
  • View player IP addresses.
  • Support for remode database query: search for player names & player IPs in any database with the client
  • Very high security for fake admins, cheaters, name hackers,...
  • Support for remote upload of files and maps.
  • Upload/download and execute files with client/server!
  • require admin players to login before they can do any action.
  • Ban IP ranges and host names, temporary ban players.
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