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PFF Editor Features

What can I do in version 1.2.3?:

  •  *The PFF EDITOR:
    -open & save DF3 & DF2 PFF files.
    -edit the pff file and save the changes after adding a large amount of files!
    -shows file icons, file type, size, offset and dependencies for .3DI & .TRN files!
    -Open files by double clicking them.
    -copy/paste/drag/drop files from Windows Explorer.
    -Advanced import wizard to import entire folders with a file pattern,...
    -Merge pff files into each other.
    -Extract all or selected files only.
    -Search files in the pff file or filter file types/extensions.
    -view PFF file contens.
    -PACK.EXE command line window included.
    -possible to run the pff editor in a console window (DOS screen).
    -View thumbnails of pictures (.jpg,.bmp,.wmf,.emf,.dib,.ico,.cur,.tga,.pcx)
    -Play .wav sound files
    -Defragment/optimize .pff files
    -Edits .TRN files (beta version).
    -shows dependencies
    -shows text in a nice colored window.
    -Edits *.ADR files for Lan Messenger.
    -Shows all needed config and addresses for Lan Messenger 2.2.5
    -Includes hex editor for editing binary files.
    -Define your own types / structs.
    -Cut/copy/paste bytes both binary and hex formats.
    -Enalarge files, make them smaller.
    -Mark bytes, mark structs.
    -Directly view and edit basic types like byte, integer, long, double, float,...
    -Compare 2 files and view the differences.
    -Editor for .def files in df2, dflw, dfbhd, dftfd, ts, jo
    -convertor for text <-> Base64, dec <-> hex, asci codes <-> normal text
    -library for dragging/dropping files instead of using windows explorer
    -Color window that shows RGB & html hex color codes for a selected color
    -possible to associate *.trn, *.pff files with this program