DOSBox Mouse Wheel Key Mapper

What is this?

This is a small program that enables you to use the mouse wheel (scroller) to change weapons in old dos games running in DOSBox (like Duke Nukem 3D, Blood,...). The program must be running on the background while playing the game in DOSBox. It will capture all events from the mouse wheel and translate them to a simple virtual keypress which is sent to the DOSBox application.


Click here to download V1.3


- Download the zip file and extract the content to your dosbox installation folder.
- Open the DOSBoxWheel.exe
- Check if the window title is the same as your dosbox window title (normaly this is something like DOSBox 0.74..., use a * for any characters that may change).
- Assign keys that will be send to dosbox when you scroll up or scroll down (click the Assign Key button).
- In dosbox you open the setup.exe of the game (for example the setup of Blood):

- Go to Controller Setup  then choose  Setup Keyboard.
Search for the next_weapon and previous_weapon, assign the same keys as in the program (see screen shot).
- Click the Enable button and your ready to play now!


There is one command line option (V1.3):

/close dosbox.exe

This will automatically enable and hide the program. When dosbox.exe closes the mouse wheel program will also automatically be closed.


To test if the program is capturing your mouse events you should first click the Enable button and then scroll up or down. When you scroll there should appear a blue arrow below the Disable button. If the DOSBox window is on the foreground the arrow will have a green background. This indicates the program has sent a keypress to DOSBox.